AnimoSpace: The Lasallian Learning Management System

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2 min readDec 3, 2018


In line with RevEd, our path-breaking post-K-12 curriculum, the University continues to seek approaches to reimagine and further improve teaching and learning methods. Starting Term 2, AY 2018–2019, DLSU embarks on the university-wide implementation of Animo Space, the new Lasallian learning management system.

The cross-platform learning space utilizes the best features of Canvas, used by more than 3,000 universities and educational institutions around the world.

Animo Space builds on our Lasallian faculty’s strengths in curriculum development and classroom instruction. The adaptive and intuitive nature of Animo Space facilitates seamless integration of traditional and virtual learning through enhanced teacher-learner engagement and its various immersive and interactive components.

Through Animo Space, DLSU FACULTY members are able to:

  1. Create a meaningful and nurturing learning environment: The simple, flexible, and intuitive format of Animo Space provides faculty with powerful tools to improve their methods of instruction.
  2. Facilitate learning even outside the classroom: The platform is populated with various resources such as videos, presentations, readings, etc. to supplement classroom lessons.
  3. Integrate cross-platform learning spaces: Animo Space harmonizes traditional classroom, virtual classroom, and real-world situation paving the way for seamless learning.
  4. Enrich traditional instruction: Online forums, discussion groups and other tools supplement topics discussed inside the classroom.
  5. Provide access to the rich University library resources. DLSU’s online resources, including eBooks, e-Journals, and other electronic databases, are accessible directly from the courses.
  6. Pave the way for the setting up of massive open online courses (MOOCs): It opens the door to deliver quality educational experiences.

Through Animo Space, DLSU STUDENTS are able to:

  1. Create an integrated learning space: Animo Space is the students’ one-stop hub for learning resources.
  2. Access to a multiplatform technology: The system is available in several devices through browser or via app download from App Store or Google Play.
  3. Empower themselves: They can take control of their learning pace and organize course tasks and assignments with just a few clicks and some drags and drops. Animo Space also sends students notifications on their devices on due assignments or upcoming exams.
  4. Communicate seamlessly with their teachers and other learners: Formative assessments happen through online forums and discussions. Professors become immediately accessible for feedback, consultation, and announcements.
  5. Showcase their academic development throughout their stay at the university: Animo Space provides a digital portfolio of students’ output, highlighting their best work for job search and career networking after graduation.

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