DLSU Integrated School Application for AY 2022–2023

General Guidelines

Nursery to Grade 10 applicants for incoming AY 2022–2023 will not be required to take the usual entrance examination. Admission to the Integrated School will be based on academic records and recommendations from Subject Teachers/Guidance Counselors/High School Principals. After initial assessment and the school still see the need for additional documents, such will be requested and communicated to the parents/guardian.

Application Period

October 1, 2021 onwards


Age Requirement

  • Nursery Must be at least 4 years old by September 2022
  • Kinder—Must be at least 5 years old by September 2022

Note: Cut-off date of Nursery and Kinder age requirement is dependent on school opening date. July 2022 is the projected opening of classes.

Grade Requirement

  • General Average of at least 85 or AP (Approaching Proficiency)
  • No grade below 80 in any subject
  • No grade below 80 (or its equivalency) in Conduct/Deportment
  • Nursery applicants are for interview by the Preschool Coordinator/ Associate Principal for Grade School

Application Procedure

Step 1: Accomplishment of requirements

  • Application Form (click here)
  • 2x2 size most recent photo (white background)
  • Copy of Current Report Card
  • Copy of Report Cards for the past two (2) School Years (e.g. if applying for Grade 7: Report Cards for Grades 4 and 5)
  • NSO/PSA copy of Birth Certificate
  • Guidance Transition Certificate (Must be accomplished by the Guidance Counselor but in the absence of one, class adviser or a subject teacher may be the next best person to accomplish the form) (click here)
  • Two (2) Recommendation Forms (Must be accomplished by the Principal/Class Adviser/Subject Teachers or other school personnel who can provide a fairly objective assessment of your child’s capabilities and disposition) (click here)

Additional requirements

  • Filipinos with dual citizenship (born in the Philippines or abroad)—NSO/PSA Birth Certificate, Valid and Unexpired Passport, Documentation for Acquisition/Reacquisition/Retention of Filipino Citizenship
  • Non-Filipinos (born in the Philippines or abroad)—NSO/PSA Birth Certificate, Valid and Unexpired Passport
  • Students with other visa such as 47a2, 9G, etc. — Photocopy of Passport bio-page and stamp of latest Philippine arrival, scanned copy of student and parent/s I-Card (front and back), SRRV, SIRV and Working Visa card

Step 2: Submission of Requirements

Scan the application form and all other requirements including proof of payment, and email to oasis.applications@dlsu.edu.ph with details below:


Example: Application for Grade 9

Step 3: Payment

Pay the non-refundable/non-transferable PhP600.00 Admission Processing Fee. Fee for applicants from Philippine public and science high schools is waived.

DLSU IS Official Payment Channels:

1. Online/Mobile Banking

·BDO (Biller’s Name: DLSU — Laguna)

· BPI (Biller’s Name: DLSU — Laguna)

· METROBANK (Biller’s Name: DLSU — Laguna)

· UCPB (Biller’s Name: De La Salle University Laguna)

· UNIONBANK (Biller’s Name: DLSU — Laguna)

2. Over-the-counter (OTC)

· BDO (Biller’s Name: DLSU — Laguna)

· METROBANK (Biller’s Name: DLSU — Laguna)

· UCPB (Biller’s Name: De La Salle University Laguna)

· UNIONBANK (Biller’s Name: DLSU — Laguna)

STEP 4: Proof of Payment and Application Update

Subject: Application fee for (Applicant Name and Grade/level) Example: Application fee for Juan Dela Cruz — Grade 9)

  • Await email acknowledgement from the OASIS Admissions.
  • Application update to be released within 7 to 10 working days upon receipt of application fee payment proof.

Important Reminders

  1. Ensure completion of requirements, incomplete applications will not be processed. A confirmation email shall be sent to the applicant/parents registered email address.
  2. Verification of data and documents shall be conducted following payment of Processing Fee.
  3. Applicants with non-numerical (pass/fail) grades on Report Cards in all terms/semesters/quarters will be required to submit through email a Certificate from the School Registrar that no numerical grades were given to students, and a legend of grading equivalency.
  4. Original copy of ALL required documents are to be submitted via courier at a specified period to:

Office of Academic Services for Integrated School

De La Salle University — Laguna Campus

LTI Spine Road Laguna Boulevard

Barangays Biñan and Malamig

Biñan City, Laguna 4024

5. Any false information and/or fraudulent document given through email will automatically nullify the application and permanently disbar the applicant from pursuing any level of study at De La Salle University.

For any inquiries, you may email oasis.applications@dlsu.edu.ph.

Contact Numbers:

Globe: 0967–3626074

Smart: 0999–8497975

Office hours

8:00 am to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday

8:00 am to 12:00pm Saturday

Social Media Accounts:

Facebook: DLSU Integrated School

Viber: DLSU Integrated School Click here to join Community



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