FAQs: DLSU Senior High School Application for AY 2021–2022

1. When can students apply to the Senior High School program for AY2021–2022?

The application period starts on November 25, 2020 (Wednesday) and will be until March 1, 2021 (Monday).

2. What are the tracks/strands offered?




3. How can one qualify for entry at the De La Salle University Senior High School program?

Due to the pandemic, the usual DLSU Senior High Admission and Placement Exam (DSHAPE) will not be administered for students applying for AY 2021–2022. All submitted requirements will be carefully assessed; selection will be handled by the IS-SHS Admissions Committee.

4. What are the grade requirements?

5. What are the application requirements?

6. What is the admission procedure for Senior High School applicants?

7. Will there be scholarship opportunities available for qualified Senior High School applicants?

Yes, scholarship grants will be awarded to applicants whose qualifications are exemplary. They shall be carefully assessed and selected by the IS-SHS Admissions Committee.

8. When and how will the application results be released?

The date of release will be announced on the DLSU website and on our official social media accounts. On the said date, a link will be posted to enable viewing of application results.

9. What are the enrollment requirements once accepted?

Additional Requirements for Students with Tourist and Balikbayan Visa

1. Pay the international student fee (this shall be on top of enrollment fees)

2. Pay the Special Student Permit (SSP) processing fee and attach the following documents:

(* — original must be presented)

Additional requirements for Students under Dual Citizenship

1. *Certificate of Recognition as a Filipino

2. *Naturalization Certificate as a Filipino

(* — original must be presented)

Additional requirements for students with other visa such as 47A2, 9G, etc.

1. *Photocopy Passport pages with photo/details and stamp of latest Philippine arrival

2. *I-Card of the student and parent (front and back)

3. *SRRV card

4. *SIRV card

5. *Working Visa card

(* — original must be presented)

10. How much is the annual cost of tuition and fees?

Tuition and fees are estimated at Php170,000.00 per year. The payment options are in full, trimestral and monthly modes.

11. Will DLSU Senior High School students be required to wear uniforms?

There is no required school uniform, but the students will be required to wear P.E. uniforms during P.E. classes.

12. What are the contact details?


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