FAQs: DLSU Senior High School Application for AY 2022–2023

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1. When can students apply to the Senior High School program for AY2022–2023?

The application period is from October 1, 2021 until January 31, 2022.

2. What are the tracks/strands offered?


  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
  • ABM (Accountancy, Business and Management)
  • HUMSS (Humanities and Social Sciences)



3. What are the eligibility requirements for entry to De La Salle University Senior High School program?

To be eligible, applicants must pass the DLSU Senior High Admissions and Placement Examinations (DSHAPE) and have a General Average of at least 85 and above or its letter grade equivalent, no grade below 80 in any subject including Conduct / Deportment for Grades 7, 8 and 9.

In the absence of DSHAPE, the grade requirements as mentioned above will be followed.

4. Where can I pay the application fee?

The application fee in the amount of Php600.00 is payable by credit card or Dragon Pay. Payment details may be found in the Online Application Facility after complete requirements have been uploaded.

5. When and how will the application results be released?

The date of release and link of the results page will be posted in the DLSU website and official social media pages.

6. What will deem my application invalid?

DLSU has the right to invalidate applications with false information and/or fraudulent documentation submitted through email. The applicant may also be permanently disbarred from pursuing any level of study at the university.

7. 1. How much are the tuition and fees?

Tuition and fees vary depending on the strand but is estimated at Php160,000.00 to Php170,000.00 per year. The payment plans are as follows:

Plan A — Annual

Plan B — Trimestral

Plan C — Monthly

8. Will there be scholarship opportunities for Senior High School applicants?

Yes, there are scholarship programs available for both public and private Senior High School applicants.

9. What is the scholarship application process?

Qualified grantees will be chosen from top DSHAPE passers and will be notified through email. There is no separate application required.

In place of DSHAPE, submitted academic and non-academic credentials for the past three (3) school years will be the basis for ranking all applications.

10. What are the enrollment requirements?

The following documents must be submitted upon enrollment:

· Letter of Acceptance

· Confirmation Letter

· Two (2) Recommendation Forms

Recommendation Form Manila

Recommendation Form Laguna

· Guidance Transition Certificate

Guidance Transition Certificate Manila

Guidance Transition Certificate Laguna

· Original Copy of PSA (NSO) Birth Certificate

· Grade 7,8, and 9 Report Cards or JHS Transcript of Records

· Original Grade 10 Report Card valid for transfer with Learner’s Reference Number (LRN) Qualified Voucher (QVR) Certificate or Educational Service Contracting (ESC) Certificate, if available, for proper assessment of tuition and fees

11. What will be the learning modes for AY2022–2023?

DLSU will continue to facilitate classes through the Flexible Learning Experience Program (FLx) which currently has two (2) options.

· Online Distance Learning (ODL) — fully online with synchronous classes/sessions

· Independent Home Learning (IHL) — flexible online learning

For a more comprehensive description of the DLSU-IS FLx, you may refer to this link DLSU-IS FLx Primer.

12. Will Senior High School students be required to wear uniforms?

There is no required school uniform. However, students will be required to wear P.E. uniforms during P.E. classes.

13. What are the contact details?

Email: seniorhigh@dlsu.edu.ph

Contact Numbers:

Globe: 0967–3626074

Smart: 0999–8497975

Office hours

8:00 am to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday

8:00 am to 12:00pm Saturday

Social Media Accounts:


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