FAQs: Freshman confirmation and enrollment

Your frequently asked questions answered for term 3, A.Y. 2019–2020 intake.

Freshman Confirmation

1.1 What is freshman confirmation?
Freshman confirmation is a process where qualified applicants submit their admission credentials and pay a non-refundable confirmation fee of Php10,000 to secure an enrollment slot. Qualified applicants who are not able to comply with this process will not be allowed to proceed with enrollment.

1.2 When and where will freshman confirmation be conducted?
Submission of confirmation requirements will be held on 25–30 May and 01- 06 June 2020 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Medrano Hall, 2nd Floor, St. La Salle Bldg., De La Salle University, 2401 Taft Avenue, Manila. Applicants are requested to enter through South Gate (Gate 1).

Those who qualified for degree programs offered at the Laguna campus have the option to confirm at the Manila campus at the above mentioned dates or at the Multi-Purpose Hall, 2nd Floor, Milagros Del Rosario Building of Laguna Campus on 06 June 2020 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Please take note that only the applicant or 1 representative (if the applicant is not available) will be allowed to enter the campus to perform the transaction. To observe proper physical distancing measures, applicants are requested to follow their schedule strictly.

Please refer to this link to read the complete schedule and procedures: http://www.dlsu.edu.ph/wp-content/uploads/pdf/oas/undergraduate/admission-T31920- confirmation-guide-materials.pdf

1.3 What is the process for freshman confirmation?
Confirmation is a simple 2-step process:

Step 1:
Present your acceptance letter and pay the non-refundable P10,000 confirmation fee in cash at the Cashier (only for those who were not able to pay the fee online / at the bank)

Step 2:
Submit original copies of all confirmation requirements including proof of confirmation fee payment and claim the Confirmation Slip which contains your Student ID number and the Enrollment Guide

Note: Applicants who already paid the confirmation fee prior to confirmation will proceed directly to Step 2.

1.4 What are the requirements for freshman confirmation?
The following documents are required for confirmation:

✔ Two (2) copies of Payment Acknowledgement Slip (for those who paid online or over-the-counter at the bank) or DLSU Official Receipt (for those who paid in the venue)
✔ Letter of Acceptance from DLSU
✔ Original and one (1) photocopy of the Grade 12 Report Card (Form 138)
Note: For applicants from Connect Ed schools with subjects to be credited, please submit a photocopy of your complete Grade 11 Report Card/Transcript of Records.
✔ Authenticated/Apostilled copy of the Official Transcript of Records (for Filipinos and Non-Filipinos who studied in schools outside the Philippines)
✔ Two (2) Recommendation Letters in DLSU format (download here)

✔ Original copies of the following:

- NSO/PSA Birth Certificate (for Filipino Citizens)
- Original and one (1) photocopy of the valid / unexpired passport (for foreign citizen)
- Photocopy of the foreign and Philippine passports (for dual citizens)

✔ Original SAT Results (only for applicants who used the SAT as admission credential )

✔ Statement of Undertaking (only for Reconsidered Applicants)

✔ Declaration as a New Student (only for those who graduated before AY 2019–2020) http://www.dlsu.edu.ph/admissions/undergraduate/_pdf/admission-declaration-as-new-student.pdf

✔ Duly accomplished and signed Statement of Responsibilities

✔ Undergraduate Non-Fraternity Contract Form

✔ Drug Testing Waiver Form

Additional Requirements for Non-Filipino citizens:

✔ Clearance from International Center (For international students and Filipino dual citizens without substantial proof of Filipino citizenship)

Please refer to this link for details on how to obtain the clearance: http://www.dlsu.edu.ph/wp-content/uploads/pdf/oas/undergraduate/admission-T31920- confirmation-guide-materials.pdf

✔ Photocopy of Diploma

High School Graduates with 1st and 2nd Semester Report Cards must ensure that both Report Cards are signed by the designated Signatories (either Principal or HS Registrar)
2. High School Graduates with 1st and 2nd Semester Report Cards must provide photocopies for both Report Cards
Admission status of high school graduates from schools not included in DepEd Order №42, s. September 8, 2015 Version 2 is conditional and subject to the school’s submission of necessary certificate
Applicants with DUAL Citizenship must submit a copy the Recognition or Reacquisition Letter as Filipino Citizen if they wish to carry their Filipino citizenship

1.5 Can I still confirm even if I do not have the complete requirements?
Yes, but your admission status is “conditional admission” and you will be given one trimester to submit your complete requirements. After one trimester, failure to comply will cause the admission status to be cancelled and enrolled courses will not be credited.

1.6 Do I need to be physically present when I submit my requirements for confirmation?
Applicants must submit the physical copies of the requirements. In case it is necessary, a representative may transact on his/her behalf.

1.7 Are companions allowed during confirmation?
In observance of the physical distancing measures for the benefit of all concerned, only 1 person will be allowed to perform the transaction. Companions are discouraged.

1.8 Am I allowed to send my requirements via courier?
For safekeeping and proper acknowledgment, confirmation requirements should not be submitted via courier.

1.9 I missed the confirmation fee payment deadline. Can I still pay my confirmation fee during confirmation?
Yes, confirmation fee payment of P10,000 in cash will be allowed at the venue.

1.10 What’s next after freshman confirmation? Will I be given a guide during confirmation?
All confirmed applicants will be given a confirmation packet that contains all instructions related to enrollment.

Freshman Enrollment

2.1 What is freshman enrollment?
Once an applicant has successfully confirmed, he/she will be enrolled in courses under his/her degree program. A confirmed applicant will be considered officially enrolled once he/she has paid at least 50% of assessed tuition and fees.

2.2 What is the difference between confirmation and enrollment?
Freshman confirmation ensures that an applicant has a slot for enrollment. Enrollment, on the other hand, enrolls the applicant in courses under his/her degree program.

2.3 When and where will freshman enrollment be conducted?
In response to the Covid-19 situation, enrollment for Term 3, AY 2019–2020 will not require the physical presence of applicants on campus.

The Enrollment Assessment Form (EAF) which contains the class schedule and the tuition and fees assessment will be sent to confirmed applicants through email from 15–26 June 2020. Payment of tuition and fees should be made over the counter through Bills Payment at UCPB, Metrobank and Union Bank branches. Deadline for tuition and fees payment is on or before the start of Term 3 classes on July 1.

2.4 What is the process for freshman enrollment?
The enrollment steps are as follows:

Step 1:
Print a copy of the Enrollment Assessment Form (EAF) which was sent to your email.

Step 2:
Bring your EAF to any UCPB, Metrobank or Union Bank branch and pay the applicable tuition and fees through the Bills Payment Slip (indicate De La Salle University as Payee and write your ID number and complete name).
Step 3: Wait for the email acknowledgment that your payment has been cleared and follow the steps on how to activate your DLSU system account and access your online classes.

2.5 Can I still enroll even if I did not submit my complete requirements during confirmation?
Yes, but you will be placed under the “conditionally admitted” status.

2.6 I graduated from a ConnectEd school. Will my certified subjects in Senior High School be credited for Foundation Courses?
Yes, just present a copy of your Grade 11 and Grade 12 grades during the confirmation.

2.7 How will I know that my Senior High subjects have been credited?
Your EAF must no longer indicate that you are enrolled in Foundation Courses that are eligible for crediting. If you think that your Senior High School subjects were not properly credited, contact the Office of Admissions and Scholarships immediately to make the necessary adjustments on your EAF.

2.8 What’s next after freshman enrollment? Will I be given a guide on how to access and attend my online classes?
Full freshman guide on how to attend classes and how to access all student support services of the University will be provided.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

3.1 Will scholarships be awarded for freshmen who will enroll for Term 3, AY 2019–2020?
Yes, applicants who were awarded scholarships before the confirmation period will be allowed to avail of their scholarships.

3.2 How and when will I know that I have been awarded a scholarship?
All scholar applicants who went through the screening process will receive their status of application through email before the confirmation period. The Scholarship Agreement Form must be submitted to OAS as soon as they receive the scholarship offer.

3.3 Are there additional confirmation and enrollment requirements for scholars?
The duly accomplished and signed Scholarship Agreement Form must be submitted together with the complete requirements during the confirmation period.

For enrollment, scholars must secure a copy of their Certificate of Support (COS). This document will be sent to the scholar together with the EAF via email. The COS will serve as proof of scholarship and will be required for certain transactions.

3.4 Is there a separate process for scholars who will confirm and enroll?
For confirmation, scholars will follow the same process for the regular students. For enrollment, partial scholars must ensure that they have their COS before they pay their remaining balance at the designated banks. For full scholars, the COS must be secured together with the EAF.

A Reference Number will be sent to all scholars before the start of classes. The Reference Number will be used in activating their student accounts.

3.5 Will there be support for connectivity and online resources such as laptops/PCs for scholars?
The scholarship package covers tuition and fees and stipend for selected scholars. Portion of this allowance may be spent for online and connectivity requirements.

Star Scholars will receive their laptops that are part of their scholarship within Term 1 of A.Y. 2020–2021.

3.6 Will there be an orientation for scholars?
The orientation for scholars will be conducted at a later time when the Covid-19 situation has improved to allow mass gatherings. In the meantime, copies of the scholarship guidelines will be provided to all new scholars.

4. Payment of Tuition and Fees

4.1 How much is the tuition and fees for freshmen for Term 3, A.Y. 2019–2020?
Tuition and fees vary per degree program. Given the tuition discount that the University will provide its students for Term 3, A.Y. 2019–2020, the average tuition and fees for freshman students is P65,000.



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