FAQs: Freshman confirmation and enrollment

Freshman Confirmation

1.1 What is freshman confirmation?
Freshman confirmation is a process where qualified applicants submit their admission credentials and pay a non-refundable confirmation fee of Php10,000 to secure an enrollment slot. Qualified applicants who are not able to comply with this process will not be allowed to proceed with enrollment.

Freshman Enrollment

2.1 What is freshman enrollment?
Once an applicant has successfully confirmed, he/she will be enrolled in courses under his/her degree program. A confirmed applicant will be considered officially enrolled once he/she has paid at least 50% of assessed tuition and fees.

2.2 What is the difference between confirmation and enrollment?
Freshman confirmation ensures that an applicant has a slot for enrollment. Enrollment, on the other hand, enrolls the applicant in courses under his/her degree program.

2.3 When and where will freshman enrollment be conducted?
In response to the Covid-19 situation, enrollment for Term 3, AY 2019–2020 will not require the physical presence of applicants on campus.

The Enrollment Assessment Form (EAF) which contains the class schedule and the tuition and fees assessment will be sent to confirmed applicants through email from 15–26 June 2020. Payment of tuition and fees should be made over the counter through Bills Payment at UCPB, Metrobank and Union Bank branches. Deadline for tuition and fees payment is on or before the start of Term 3 classes on July 1.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

3.1 Will scholarships be awarded for freshmen who will enroll for Term 3, AY 2019–2020?
Yes, applicants who were awarded scholarships before the confirmation period will be allowed to avail of their scholarships.

3.2 How and when will I know that I have been awarded a scholarship?
All scholar applicants who went through the screening process will receive their status of application through email before the confirmation period. The Scholarship Agreement Form must be submitted to OAS as soon as they receive the scholarship offer.

3.3 Are there additional confirmation and enrollment requirements for scholars?
The duly accomplished and signed Scholarship Agreement Form must be submitted together with the complete requirements during the confirmation period.

For enrollment, scholars must secure a copy of their Certificate of Support (COS). This document will be sent to the scholar together with the EAF via email. The COS will serve as proof of scholarship and will be required for certain transactions.

3.4 Is there a separate process for scholars who will confirm and enroll?
For confirmation, scholars will follow the same process for the regular students. For enrollment, partial scholars must ensure that they have their COS before they pay their remaining balance at the designated banks. For full scholars, the COS must be secured together with the EAF.

A Reference Number will be sent to all scholars before the start of classes. The Reference Number will be used in activating their student accounts.

3.5 Will there be support for connectivity and online resources such as laptops/PCs for scholars?
The scholarship package covers tuition and fees and stipend for selected scholars. Portion of this allowance may be spent for online and connectivity requirements.

Star Scholars will receive their laptops that are part of their scholarship within Term 1 of A.Y. 2020–2021.

4. Payment of Tuition and Fees

4.1 How much is the tuition and fees for freshmen for Term 3, A.Y. 2019–2020?
Tuition and fees vary per degree program. Given the tuition discount that the University will provide its students for Term 3, A.Y. 2019–2020, the average tuition and fees for freshman students is P65,000.



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