FAQs: Remote Learning on Term 3

De La Salle University answers Frequently Asked Questions to clarify the concerns of our students on what they can expect from Term 3 online learning and what their workload will be.

Remote Learning FAQs in slide format

On Term 3, AY 2019–2020

1.1 How can the faculty assure that the students will gain knowledge about the course through teaching and not just through self-study which many students are already pointing out during the continuation of Term 2?
A set of quality assurance criteria shall be in place for course design and for instructional design of full-online courses.

2. On student workload

Effective Term 3, A.Y. 2019–2020, the University will implement a new student workload policy of one (1) unit of each lecture class, which shall constitute a total workload of 2.5 hours per week, for a total of 35 hours per trimester. Thus, the student workload in a three (3) unit lecture course is 7.5 hours a week, for a total of 105 hours in a trimester.

2.1 Can you clarify what “3 units for 7.5 hours workload per week” would entail? Does this mean that students are expected to commit 7.5 hours per week on a course? Will faculty give additional deliverables to maximize those hours?
This system will be able to address the concern of some students about the workload given to them by their professors. This will set the standard to ensure that the total study time and assignments outside of classes are uniform and not excessive.

3. On Internet accessibility

3.1 What happens to students who do not have access to the Internet since Term 3 will be online heavy?
As previously announced by the Brother President, the University is making arrangements with telecommunication companies for the provision of Wi-Fi gadgets to students who have no Internet access, to help them continue their studies at home.
Details of this service will be announced soon.

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