DLSU answers frequently asked questions on freshman orientation and student life.

Student Support FAQs in slide format

Freshman orientation and student life

1.1 Will there be an orientation for freshmen on Term 3, AY 2019–2020?
Yes, all freshmen for Term 3 will undergo the annual Lasallian Personal Effectiveness Program or LPEP Program that introduces students to university life at DLSU. Given our current situation, the LPEP this term will be delivered online.

2. Psychological support

2.1 What guidance and counseling services will be available to students?
In order to address mental health concerns of students, faculty, and staff brought about by the pandemic, DLSU offers free counseling services from the Office of Counselling and Career Services. Lasallian counselors can help academic community members get through this difficult time by calling (0928) 454–6489 or (0905) 221–6924 from Mondays to Fridays, 8:00am-12:00nn and 1:00–5:00pm.

For their part, the Psychology Department’s Telepsychology for the Lasallian Community (TLC) provides support for those who are experiencing stress, anxiety, and other psychological issues during this time.

To schedule an online counseling appointment, click: http://bit.ly/dlsutlc. For urgent concerns, email: tlc.dlsu@delasalle.ph or call (0915) 200–1294 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or (0999) 202–4612 every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

As part of the Lasallian community, parents may also avail of these services.

3. AnimoSpace and IT-related concerns

3.1 How will I attend my online classes?
All students of the University are assigned their own DLSU Google account. The username and initial password will be provided to the students upon completion of enrollment. Once activated, you will use this to access your AnimoSpace account.

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