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AY 2021–2022 Undergraduate Freshman Online Confirmation (ID 121)

I. Confirmation and Enrollment

  1. What are my options?
    Get a head start and enroll for Term 3, AY 2020–2021 (classes start in June 2021)
    B. Wait for Term 1, AY 2021–2022 (classes start in October 2021)
  2. If I choose to enroll this June 2021, what steps should I take?
    Complete the 3-step process from payment of confirmation fee to uploading of requirements between May 2–22, 2021.
  3. If I choose to enroll this October 2021, what steps should I take?
    Complete the 3-step process from payment of confirmation fee on May 2 — June 15, 2021, to uploading of requirements on June 16–30, 2021.
  4. If I choose to enroll this October 2021, what steps should I take?
    Yes. You will have to inform OAS by sending an email to and
  5. I still cannot pay the Confirmation fee with the deadline of 15 June. What will I do?
    We still have the Special Confirmation Period which is from 05–15 July 2021. We will accommodate you during that time.
  6. What is the 3-step process to confirm online?
    Pay the Non-Refundable P10,000 confirmation fee through
    For Dragonpay payment method, please follow strictly the instructions provided by Dragonpay to avoid problems in the clearing process. After payment, please upload a copy of the validated bank slip/online proof of payment via
    Access and click the “ENROLL” button. The Enrollment Confirmation Slip will be automatically downloaded once the button is clicked.
    Only qualified applicants who have paid the non-refundable P10,000 confirmation fee will be allowed to confirm their enrollment through the system. If the “ENROLL” button does not appear on your screen, it means that your confirmation payment is not yet cleared. Please follow the confirmation schedule according to the academic term you have chosen.
    Follow the instructions in the Enrollment Confirmation Slip which will be automatically generated by the system. This slip will contain your DLSU student ID number, college, degree program, and the link where you can upload scanned copies of your confirmation and enrollment requirements. An enrollment advisory will be sent to you through email once your requirements have been checked and validated.
    Please see list of requirements here:
  7. How do I accept the offer for the Honor’s Program as stated in my official offer letter?
    If you choose to be upgraded to the specified BSMS Honors Program in your offer letter, please accomplish the Google Form through on or before 15 May 2021. Please await for a new status letter accessible via before you confirm your enrollment as stated in the admission guide. Please check your Enrollment Confirmation Slip to make sure that you have confirmed to the correct degree program.
  8. Can I request for a change of degree program?
    Yes, but this will be subject to approval and availability of slots. You may fill out the form at on or before May 15, 2021.
  9. When is the deadline for the Change of Program request?
    Deadline for submission for Request for change of Program is 03 June 2021. There will be no extensions.
  10. I graduated from a ConnectEd school, will my certified subjects in Senior High School be credited as foundation courses?
    Crediting of foundation courses will be effected in Term 1, AY 2021–2022. No Foundation Courses will be given during enrollment in Term 3, AY 2020–2021.
  11. After enrollment, will I be given a guide on how to access and attend my online classes?
    Full freshman guide on how to attend classes and how to access all student support services of the University will be provided to the applicant once his/her confirmation requirements (uploaded in the Google Form) have been verified.
  12. How much are the tuition and fees for freshmen for Term 3, AY 2020–2021 and Term 1, AY 2021–2022?
    You may check the projected tuition and fees via this link:
  13. I did not pass the application process. Can I apply for a reconsideration?
    Yes, please email with subject heading: Reconsideration Appeals (ID121) before June 11, 2021. All appeals will be evaluated based on application documents submitted by the applicant and are subject to final approval of the Admissions Committee. Late requests will not be processed
  14. Will there be an orientation for incoming freshmen?
    Yes, there will be an online orientation for all qualified incoming freshmen in June 2021. Full details of The Greening Freshman Fair will be posted on DLSU’s social media accounts and sent to the applicant’s email address before the event.

II. Scholarships

  1. How and when will I know that I have been awarded a scholarship?
    The list of Archer Achiever Scholars will be posted on this link starting May 15, 2021:
    All scholar applicants who went through the screening process will be informed of the results of their application through email before the enrollment period. The Scholarship Agreement Form must be submitted to OAS as soon as they receive the scholarship offer.
  2. When would the application for the St. La Salle Scholarship Financial Assistance Grant open?
    The application period is from May 15 — June 15, 2021.
    Learn more about this grant at
  3. I have a St. La Salle pending Application, do I need to pay the Confirmation fee?
    Please note that once you are awarded the scholarship, the confirmation fee of P10,000 is waived once we release the scholarship results on July 15, 2021 (Saturday). If you already paid for the confirmation fee, a refund will be processed for those awarded 100% TF after the Freshmen Enrollment. For those who will be awarded a partial scholarship (i.e. 25%, 50%, and 75%TF), the 10,000 confirmation fee will be deducted in your Term 1 AY 2020–21 tuition fees/assessment. It is at your discretion to pay for the confirmation fee prior to the result of scholarship to reserve your slot in the university or wait for the result of scholarship.
  4. Are there other opportunities for scholarship or financial assistance?
    Yes, accepted incoming freshmen may apply for Externally Funded Scholarship Grants.
    Information on the scholarships and the application process can be found here:
  5. Is an applicant allowed to use his/her DLSU scholarship coverage (if any) for enrollment to Term 3, AY 2020-2021?
    No, the scholarship grants will take effect only in Term 1, AY 2021–2022 (October 2021). Scholars who opt to enroll for June 2021 need to shoulder their tuition and fees for Term 3, AY 2020–2021.
  6. Are there additional confirmation and enrollment requirements for scholars?
    Applicants who are awarded with scholarships in Term 1, AY 2021–2022 will be provided detailed information on how to process his/her scholarships during enrollment and payment of tuition and fees. Applicants who applied for scholarships are advised to monitor their emails daily.
  7. Is there a separate process for scholars who will confirm and enroll?
    For confirmation, scholars will follow the same process for the regular students. For enrollment, partial scholars must ensure that they secure their COS before they pay their remaining balance. For full scholars, the COS must also be secured together with the Enrollment Assessment Form.
    A Reference Number that represents the scholarship coverage will be sent to all scholars before the start of classes. The Reference Number will be used in activating their student accounts.
  8. Will there be support for connectivity and online resources such as laptops/PCs for scholars?
    The scholarship package covers tuition and fees and stipend for selected scholars. Portion of this allowance may be spent for online and connectivity requirements.
    Star Scholars will receive their laptops as part of their scholarship within Term 1 of AY2021–2022.
  9. Will there be an orientation for scholars?
    The orientation for scholars will be announced at a later time since the mode of conduct will depend on the COVID-19 situation in the region. In the meantime, scholarship guidelines will be provided to all new scholars.

Updated as of June 2, 2021 (5:00PM)

For inquiries and clarifications

Please fill out this form for confirmation and enrollment concerns:

For urgent concerns, you may call the Office of Admissions and Scholarships at the following numbers:

Available 8:30am — 12:00nn (Monday — Saturday)

Available 2:00pm — 5:00pm (Monday — Friday) and 8:30am — 12:00nn (Saturday)

Due to the volume of emails received daily, response to requests and inquiries will take a longer time to process. Applicants are encouraged to report concerns via the Google Form specified above. Please bear with us as we continue to improve on our email services.



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