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De La Salle University Term 3, A.Y. 2019–2020 Freshman Enrollment

ur Lasallian family has always anchored on the spirit of faith, zeal for service, and communion in mission to pull us through the most difficult times in history, allowing us to promote our Christian faith and become agents of change through education.

Indeed, we are forced to adopt a new “normal” and change how we pursue teaching and learning in an academic setting. We are now responding to this situation by fully adopting an alternate mode of education that DLSU has initiated more than ten years ago, which is technology-enabled or blended learning.

As DLSU changes how it pursues its teaching and learning, we asked ourselves on how we can best help the newest member of our Lasallian community. We thought of how our freshman students can maximize their time and resources, as things slowly normalize and we transition into our post-quarantine lives

In Term 3 of AY 2019–2020, De La Salle University is opening its doors to freshman students who want to get a head start on their tertiary education. With classes starting in July, these students can start exploring and adapting to an alternate mode of learning, the DLSU way.

Term 3 will utilize a full online learning mode unless the situation changes and permits us to do face-to-face classes. DLSU’s remote learning is a faculty-directed and facilitated learning mode using an online platform. Our research and academic powerhouse–faculty members who are acknowledged as tertiary education leaders and industry experts–will continue to deliver up-to-date, relevant programs benchmarked with respected higher education institutions globally.

This means that the faculty will be teaching and assisting in the students’ learning every step of the way, ensuring that activities and assessments can be done online and offline. The faculty will follow a set of quality criteria in the course design and the instructional design for the remote delivery of courses.

The new setup provides opportunities for faculty and students to engage in online discussions, pursue collaborative work, clarify performance expectations, and record synchronous sessions to give all students the chance to review their lessons. Faculty members will regularly keep in touch with the students to give reasonable accommodations in case of situations affecting their performance, and to get feedback on quality enhancement.

We understand the experience would be different from what our new students are used to but the new normal calls for a rethinking and changing of how we do things. These are small steps to ensure that we continue to empower our students to be relevant and responsive to the continuing global shift of tomorrow. Through its student support programs, DLSU will guide these students in navigating this new chapter.

As one Lasallian family, we will move forward together to their future.

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The Office of Admissions and Scholarships also sent an invitation email to all accepted freshman applicants for A.Y. 2020–2021 through the email they used in the Online Admission Facility (OAF). For inquiries, please email

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